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Welcome to Global Parrot Farm, your premier destination for exquisite avian companionship! At Global Parrot Farm, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of captivating parrot species, including the majestic African Grey, vibrant Macaw, charming Cockatiel, and the enchanting White-Bellied Parrot. With a commitment to ethical breeding practices and the well-being of our feathered friends, Global Parrot Farm ensures that each parrot receives the utmost care and attention from hatch to home.

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We have both adults and babies.

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We have both adults and babies.

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We have both adults and babies.

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We have both adults and babies.

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We have both adults and babies.

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Global Parrot Farm assures the condition of your Parrot is optimal before shipping. Babies on formula don’t need any extra supplements, but an older bird may. We fortify them all with a stress reduction preparation such as Avitec’s Avi Bios or Mardel’s Ornabac™. These are powdered mixes to be administered to their soft foods before and after shipping. The lactobacillus, probiotics, and low ph. levels will help avert bacterial infections resulting from stress. The B-Complex vitamins will help with the stress level itself. We administer these freely to babies as well as adults.

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Shipping birds can be made to be less stressful by adhering to the rules and regulations of the shippers.

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All sales from our consultants are subject to a 30-day return policy. All funds were returned with no questions asked.

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We do quick and safe delivery of our parrots through the most trusted delivery service in Australia.

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Yes, we do receive online payments with what methods suit our customers.

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